What Are The GP Elementz Portals?

ISC Software SolutionsAs I mentioned in a previous post, I have joined ISC Software Solutions, a UK headquartered Microsoft Dynamics GP VAR (Value Added Reseller) and ISV (Independent Software Vendor) with an office in Ireland.

The ISV offering from ISC Software includes the GP Elementz add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics GP as well as a set of web portals:

  • ​​CustomerHQProvide your customers secure access to their Dynamics GP receivables account data such as invoices, statements and transaction reports.
  • SalesHQProvide sales teams with the ability to generate quotes, enter orders and invoices and view transactions, from any location via the internet.
  • PurchaseHQExtend your Dynamics GP system and allow purchasing users to manage purchasing from anywhere, via any device all in real-time. Includes integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP’s Document Attachment and Workflow module for approvals.

Key features of all of the web portals include:

  • Access data from anywhere and on any device.​
  • Safe and secure portals using Microsoft Azure.​​​
  • Fast and simple set up​​.
  • The user interface make the portals easy to use​.
  • Your portal can be branded with your own logo and background image.​

All portals are easy to setup and requires no technical skills or additional software or hardware. It is stored securely on Microsoft Azure and data remains in your Dynamics GP system (none is stored on Azure). It uses responsive design so it can be used on any device including cellphones and tablets.

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Allow WordPress to Perform Minor Updates

WordPressBack in December I posted about stopping WordPress from updating to WordPress 5 (which includes the terrible Gutenberg.

However, I realised soon afterwards that was the wrong thing to do; instead I should have allowed WordPress to perform minor updates within the WordPress 4 branch, which can be done using the below line:

define( 'WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE', 'minor' );

Once this line has been added to your wp.config file, WordPress 4 will be able to update to later WordPress 4 versions, but not to WordPress m5.

How To Downgrade WordPress 5.0.3 to 4.9.9

WordPressI’ve discussed before the problems WordpRess 5 and Gutenberg present me; I’ve avoided upgrading to WordPress 5 and remained on Wordpress 4.9.x as I plan my migration to ClassicPress.

Despite remaining on the WordPress 4.9.x branch and telling WordPress, via the config file, to only allow minor upgrades within that branch, the admin dashboard has a large Update Now button which will upgrade you to WordPress 5. Today I had an accident and clicked this button when I intended to click the Update Plugins button.

WordPress dashboard showing Update Now and Update Plugins buttons

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Microsoft Virtual Academy Closing and Being Replaced With Microsoft Learn

MicrosoftI was talking to someone recently about online training courses from Microsoft and directed them to the Microsoft Virtual Academy which I looked at quite a while ago now.

However, they came back to me to let me know that it is being retired in favour of Microsoft Learn.

Microsoft Learn seems to be mainly focused on Azure with a few courses available for PowerBI, Power Apps and Flow.

What Are The GP Elementz?

ISC Software SolutionsAs I mentioned in a previous post, I have joined ISC Software Solutions, a UK headquartered Microsoft Dynamics GP VAR (Value Added Reseller) and ISV (Independent Software Vendor) with an office in Ireland.

Over time, ISC Software have created a number of customisations for clients which have been made more widely available to customers as the GP Elementz; if you’re an ISC Software support customer, then you have access to the GP Elementz add-ons free of charge.

There are a few add-ons available as GP Elementz:

  • Enhanced Notes​ – Extends and secures standard notes by allowing multiple separate notes to be recorded against records. Includes user alerts, categorization and audit functionality.
  • Distribution ​Elementz – ​A collection of windows & reports that extend Dynamics GP SOP, POP and inventory functions.
  • Financial Elementz – A collection of windows and reports that enhance standard financial Dynamics GP function.
  • Invoice Transformer – Consolidate or ‘mirror’ SOP invoices. Transfer item lines between SOP invoices.
  • ​Security ​Informer – Provides on-screen messages stating details of which window or report access is denied.

Over time, I am going to take a detailed look into these add-ons in my usual way (installation and then a hands on and review), so keep an eye out for those posts. More details on them all can be found on the GP Elementz website or you can use the enquiry form below to get in touch.

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