MDGP 2018 R2 Feature of the Day: Mass Update Master Records from Navigation List

Microsoft Dynamics GPThe Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP blog has started a series Feature of the Day posts for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2 on which I am following and adding commentary. The series index for this series of posts is here.

The twenty-second Feature of the Day is mass update of master records from navigation lists.

This feature today is the ability to mass update a group of master records from the Navigation Lists; you can now inactivate and reactive multiple records at the same time for the following master record types:

  • Accounts
  • Checkbooks
  • Customers
  • Vendors
  • Items
  • Employees

In addition, the vendor navigation list allows you to mass update the temporary status.

A visual indicator quickly lets you know the status of these records:

Vendors navigation list

Since navigation lists were introduced in Dynamics GP 10, they have grown increasingly common in usage, in particular new clients; there are some navigation lists which rarely see use, but ones for master records and transactions seem to be used a lot. There have been a few enhancements to ists over time, and I welcome even more being introduced, so it is good to see this feature.

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