Installing TortoiseSVN: Installing

TortoiseSVNThis post is part of the series on installing TortoiseSVN which is I use in the development of Wordpress plugins.

The first step in installing TortoiseSVN is to download the latest version. You can download it from the TortoiseSVN website:

TortoiseSVN website

Once you’ve downloaded the file, run the inmstaller and, on the Welcome screen, click Next:

Welcome to the TortoiseSVN Setup Wizard

Accept the terms of the End-User License Agreement by clicking Next:

End-User License Agreement

Check the components which are being installed, make any changes required (I always go with the defaults) and click Next:

Custom Setup

Click Install to begin the installation:

Ready to Install

Once the installation is complete, click Finish:

Completing the TortoiseSVN Setup Wizard

Installing TortoiseSVN
Checkout from Repository
Commit Changes

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