Installing TortoiseSVN: Checkout from Repository

TortoiseSVNThis post is part of the series on installing TortoiseSVN which is I use in the development of Wordpress plugins.

With TortoiseSVN installed, we can connect to an existing plugin repository; in this example I am using my azurecurve Series Index plugin.

After creating the development folder, TortoiseSVN is available from the right-click context menu. Create the development folder, right click and selectSVN Checkout:

Right-click context menu

Enter the URL of repository which for a WordpRess plugin is along the following lines:{plugin name}

Verify that the Checkout directory is the correct path (it should default to the folder you right-clicked on with the plugin name on the end); click OK:


A window will display showing what actions have been taken: you should see a lot of lines with Added in the Action column with the last row having Completed; click OK to close this window.

Checkout Finished

Installing TortoiseSVN
Checkout from Repository
Commit Changes

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