MDGP 2018 R2 Feature of the Day: Monthly Recurring Batches

Microsoft Dynamics GPThe Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP blog has started a series Feature of the Day posts for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2 on which I am following and adding commentary. The series index for this series of posts is here.

The first Feature of the Day is monthly recurring batches. This new feature allows ou to, on both Monthly and Bi-monthly batches to mark a Use last day of month checkbox which will update the Posting Date to the last day of the month.

This functionality has been added to Receivables Management, Payables Management and Inventory Control:

Receivables Batch Entry

The example above, shows a receivabled batch dates 30/04/2027 which, with the new checkbox marked, will automatically set the posting date to the last day of the month. So, when the batch is posted the next posting date would be set to May 31.

My initial impression was that this would be a good addition, until I realised that it did not include the General Ledger Financial Batches. I can’t think of a single client who uses recurring batches in any of Receivables, Payables or Inventory.

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MDGP 2018 R2 Feature of the Day: Series Index

Microsoft Dynamics GPThe Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP blog has started a series Feature of the Day posts for the soon to be released Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2.

Over the coming days and weeks, I’ll be following the Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP team blog and including my own commentary on the new features. Check back regularly to see the new features as they are announced.

MDGP 2018 R2 Feature of the Day
Monthly Recurring Batches
Sales Transaction Approval Workflow
Display Vendor Hold Status
Option to Hide Business Analyzer for all Users
Print and E-mail Sales Order Processing Documents
Print Invoices in Functional Currency from SOP Navigation List
Transaction Level Post Through General Ledger
Vendor Document Number added to Purchasing All-in-One View
New SmartList for Deposits on Unposted Sales Transactions Has Been Created
Exclude Items on HITB Report With Zero Quantity or Value
Increase Dynamics GP Password Maximum Length
Password Expiration Notification
Email Customer Statements
Duplicate Check Numbers Option Extended
Start Date and End Date for Each Pay Code
shared maximum benefit and deduction code in Payroll.
New Totals Print on the Payroll Check Register report for FICA
Checkbook ID Defaults on Check Batch
Option To Not Display Inactive Checkbooks in Lookup
SmartList Designer Favourites in Navigation List
Letter Writing Assistant in Web Client
Mass Update Master Records from Navigation List
New Sort Options in Sales Order Processing Item Inquiry Window
Ship To Address Retained by Customer Combiner
Purchase Requisition Partial Purchase
Email POP PO Other Form

The Dynamics GP Support and Services Blog is also running a series on the Dynamics GP 2018 R2 and year end upgrade which is worth a read.

Installing Notepad++: Plugin Manager Removed in Notepad++ 7.5

Notepad++This post is part of the series on installing Notepad++’.

The plugin manager was never an integral part of Notepad++, but always shipped as part of the standard installer. This changed as of version 7.5.

I only recently discovered this when installing Notepad++ on a newy rebuilt PC. I came to install the Compare plugin and couldn’t find the Plugin Manager entry on the Plugins menu:

Notepad++ Plugin Manager

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Installing Notepad++: Install Plugin Manager

Notepad++This post is part of the series on installing Notepad++.

As discussed in the last post, the Plugin Manager for Notepad++ has been removed. In this post, I’m going to step through the process of getting it back.

Navigate to the nppPluginManager page on GitHub and download the relevant version of the plugin (if using the 32-bit version of Notepad++, download the UNI version):

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Installing Notepad++: Series Index

Notepad++I posted a while ago about comparing files in Notepad++ which required the use of a plugin; I’ve recently found that the plugin manager has been removed from Notepad++ as of version 7.5.

This is a short series on installing Notepad++, why the plugin manager was removed and how to get it back.

Installing Notepad++
Plugin Manager Removed in Notepad++ 7.5
Install Plugin Manager
Adding Plugin When Plugin Manager Shows No Plugins

SQL Snippet: Get Dates for Accruals

Microsoft SQL ServerAs I’ve mentioned before I write a fair bit of SQL code for various projects or support calls and will be posting some of it here.

I recently created a report for a client to use to extract transaction lines to use to import as an accruals journal; as part of the extract I worked out the last day of the one month and the first day of the next to use as the transaction and reversing dates on the journal.

The scripts below has versions for both before and after SQL 2012 (with the introduction of the EOMONTH function in 2012, getting these dates became easier).

Created by Ian Grieve of azurecurve|Ramblings of a Dynamics GP Consultant (
This code is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Int).
-- set date variable

-- get last date of this month
SELECT CONVERT(VARCHAR(10), DATEADD(month, ((YEAR(@Date) - 1900) * 12) + month(@Date), -1), 126)

-- get last date of this month in SQL 2012

-- get first date of next month
SELECT CONVERT(VARCHAR(10), DATEADD(month, DATEDIFF(month, 1, DATEADD( month, 1, @Date )), 0), 126)

-- get first date of next month in SQL 2012