Installing Notepad++: Plugin Manager Removed in Notepad++ 7.5

Notepad++This post is part of the series on installing Notepad++’.

The plugin manager was never an integral part of Notepad++, but always shipped as part of the standard installer. This changed as of version 7.5.

I only recently discovered this when installing Notepad++ on a newy rebuilt PC. I came to install the Compare plugin and couldn’t find the Plugin Manager entry on the Plugins menu:

Notepad++ Plugin Manager

I did some invesitgating and found that the plugin manager had been removed as it now contained an advert:

Notepad++ Plugin Manager

The developer of Notepad++ has taken a stance on principle that Notepad++ will not include any adverts within the application (you can donate here to support the ongoing development).

The develop of the Plugin Manager introduced the advert to support the hosting costs of the Plugin Manager.

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