Implementing Rockton’s SmartFill: Customising Search Options

Rockton SoftwareThis post is part of a series of posts on Implementing Rockton’s SmartFill.

While SmartFill can be used out of the box with the search being configured to lookup on several fields, it is possible to customise the search options so that more fields can be searched against.

If we take the Vendor search as an example, it uses the following fields for the sdearch:

  • Vendor ID
  • Vendor Name
  • Vendor Class

To change the search configuration, select SmartFill Objects (Administration area page » Setup » SmartFill » SmartFill Objects). Scroll down and locate the Vendors in the list; select it and click OK:

SmartFill Objects

This will open the SmartFill Object Maintenance Details window.

SmartFill supports up to 10 search fields on each loookup. In the example, below, I have added City as an additional lookup field in the Lookup Fields section:

SmartFill Object Maintenance Details

I then entered SYDNEY in the Test Search field and clicked the binoculars button to test the lookup.

Click Save to save the changes and close the window.

To test the lookup is working correctly, open the Vendor Maintenance window (Purchasing area page » Cards » Vendor), type a city into the Vendor ID field and tab from the field:

Vendor Maintenance

The SmartFill window will popup filtered to vendors any of the four lookup criteria fields containing SYDNEY:

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