Implementing Rockton’s SmartFill: Review

Rockton SoftwareThis post is part of a series of posts on Implementing Rockton's SmartFill.

Over the course of this series, I've stepped through the steps to, on a simple level, implement the SmartFill product from Rockton Software.

I've been quite impressed with what I have seen of SmartFill. It is easy to install and configure and the search seems quite effective.

Using the Fabrikam sample database, I inserted 1,500,000 (yes, 1.5 million) vendor records and did searches against them from Payables Transaction Entry. The search took 5 seconds to locate and return relevant data when there was only a few matching returns on the search criteria; the more records returned to the search window, the longer it took to populate.

I've got a couple of clients with large datasets who I think would benefit a lot from this product; one especially has tens of thousands of inventory items with a segmented Item Number; SmartFill would make it easy for them to do lookups on part of the item number; and the subset filter will allow them to search within the initially returned dataset.

SmartFill is licensed at $220 (USD) per system user (as of July 2018). In simplest terms, this means that for each Microsoft Dynamics GP full user licences you own, you need to purchase one SmartFill user license; this is regardless of whether they will be using SmartFill or not. This licence model is not unusual for Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV solutions, but it can mean that for larger clients the cost can become prohibitive.

SmartFill is worth taking a look at if you, or your users, have trouble finding data with the regular lookups. The real benefit of SmartFill is how customisable and easy the search is to use.