Getting Normal MPC Black Edition Seek Bar Back

Media Player Classic-BEI accidentally changed the seek bar displayed in MPC-BE when I it had focus, rather than my browser, when I was typing a web address.

I don’t know what exactly it was I typed to change it, but the seek bar in fullscreen became a very basic one:

Basic MPC-BE seek bar

The normal seek bar had the normal media player controls, such as volume, play, pause and so on:

Normal MPC-BE seek bar

It took me quite a few attempts via trial and error to identify the correct setting.

To re-enable the normal seek bar in fullscreen mode, click View &raquo Options, select the Video tab and unmark Exclusive fullscreen (ringed in red):

Options &raquo Video

Click OK to save and apply the settings change and the old seek bar will be back.

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