Enabling Secure Connection for Web Services: Before You Begin

Microsoft Dynamics GPThis post is part of the Enabling Secure Connection for Web Services series.

Before we start making any configuration changes to the Web Services for Microsoft Dynamics GP, there is a couple of decisions to me made:

  1. Decide which port is to be used. Web Services by default installs on port 48620; to enable a secure connection a different port must be used. You can use any available port; to keep clear of any other ports being used, the port I am using for this series is 48666.
  2. Create an externally accessible hostname with associated certificate; I am not covering this area in this series, but Microsoft’s Dan Peltier did a recent post titled “DNS Overview for External Workflow 2.0 Email Notification Approval”.

Finally, make sure to backup all configuration files before any changes are made to allow for a rollback if necessary.

Looking for support or consultancy with Microsoft Dynamics GP?

I no longer work with Microsoft Dynamics GP, but the last company I worked for was ISC Software in the UK; if you’re looking for support or consultancy services with Microsoft Dynamics GP you can contact them here.

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