Winthrop DC Now Distributing Products Directly

Winthrop DCAs announced back in May, from the 1st July 2018, Winthrop Development Consultants now directly and exclusively distributes all of its products.

Pricing remains the same (exception for Australia), but purchasing is handled directly by Winthrop DC and if you're a partner, you will need to sign up as a partner with Winthrop DC (which is free to do) before purchasing for your clients.

One important point to note, is that only the latest builds of the software will automatically switch over to using Winthrop DC’s registration servers.

To ensure a smooth transition, please ensure all Winthrop products on your, or your clients, systems are updated on all servers and workstations before the current subscriptions expire. Upgrades can be installed over the top of existing builds, so there is no need to uninstall.

Full details of this changeover is available on the Winthrop DC site.