MVP Not Renewed for 2018-2019

Microsoft MVPWell, it seems that doing even more in this renewal period than I did to get the MVP award originally or keep it for three renewals, I have not done enough to retain it for the 2018-2019 year.

There seems to have been a mass culling this year, caused by Microsoft assigning more weight to some types of contribution than other types.

As a note, the renewal process is opaque with no guidance on how to get renewed, apart from being told to continue doing what you did to be awarded in the first place. With the apparent change in weightings, doing what you did is no longer enough if those contributions are now weighed less.

The Microsoft Dynamics GP element of the Business Solutions category itself saw five of fifteen MVPs removed; four no longer MVP and one moved to a new category.

Congratulations to all those MVPs who were renewed; for a list of those awarded for Dynamics GP, current MVP Jen Kuntz maintains a list, plus I have a list on my links page.

Neither of us have yet updated the pages, to allow people time to make their own announcements, but check those pages later in the week to see the updated lists.