GP Transaction Search: Where Next?

Winthrop DCThis post is part of the series on the new, free, GP Transaction Search window from Steve Endow of Precipio Services.

The GP Transaction Search is in in its first version; I think that Steve has made a very good start and I look forward to seeing the progress in future.

Steve isn’t allowing moss to grow, but is instead hard at work on version two, which includes new search windows for the General Ledger and Receivables Management modules as well as custom menus (rather than replacing the Transaction by Document menu) by using Visual Studio Integration Toolkit from Winthrop DC:

After version two comes out with these new search windows, I’d like to see additional windows created for Purchase Order Processing, Sales Order Processing and Inventory Control and, in longer term, other modules. The good news on this front, is that Steve has aspirations to create windows for additional modules as well.

The GP Transaction Search project is an open source one created by Steve Endow, but other people can get involved and contribute. If you find the project useful, consider seeing how you can be of assistance. I’ve already done this and have, since before the release of v1, been offering my assistance with testing and, more recently, with writing SQL queries.