Implementing Jet Express: Sample Reports for Jet Express

Jet ReportsThis post is part of a series of posts on implementing Jet Reports and is part of the Jet Express sub-series.

There are a number of reports available from Jet Reports. These can be used to form the basis of yuor financial reporting in Jet Express and are available by installing the Report Player:

Once the reports have been downloaded, run the setup.exe.

On the Welcome to the Report Player Setup stage, click:

Report Player - Welcome to the Report Player Setup

Click Next to confirm the instllation folder:

Report Player - Select Installation Folder

Click Next to confirm the installation:

Report Player - Confirm Installation

Once the installation is complete, click Close:

Report Player - Installation Comple

A Report Player icon is placed on the Start menu as well as the desktop. When started, the available reports can be scrolled through:

Report Player

When the desired report is shown, double click the report and the report will be opened in Microsoft Excel:

Microsoft Excel

Clicking the Reresh button on the action pane, will show the Report Options window; enter the Year and click Run. The data in the report will be refreshed for the selected year:

Report Options

When the Report Viewer is installed, the reports are deployed to the users document folder:

Windows Explorer - Reports

When working with jet Express, I find it a lot easier, and quicker, to navigate the files in the folder rather than using the Report Player. If the folder of reports is placed on a network share, the reports can be shared between multiple users.

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