GP Power Tools System Status Report Updated To Include Only Current Company

Microsoft Dynamics GPWhen, in my Hands On With the GP Power Tools – System Module series, I covered the Screenshot tool which allows users to send screenshots of problems to the administrator. The email also includes a system status report which, in the current version, includes information on the system and all company databases. This is usually fine, but I have one client who has 200+ databases and the email takes a long time to generate the report.

I mentioned this to Winthrop DC and they have confirmed that the next build of GP Power Tools will include some new functionality to address this issue.

A new option has been introduced, which defaults to off, which will include only the system and current database in the system status report; setting the option to on will add all company databases to the system status report.

The value is stored in Administrator Settings for normal use and on the Trigger Setup window for when Triggers are created to use the ScreenShot feature.

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