Hands On With the GP Power Tools – System Module: Introduction

Winthrop DCGP Power Tools (GPPT) is split into four modules. The module I am going to cover in this series of posts, is the System Module. This module is included in the licence when any of the other three modules is purchased.

These tools are the ones which provide the basic debugging and support tools:

  1. Logging Control including Manual Logging Mode – Manually turn on SQL Logging and Dexterity Logging and Profiling
  2. ScreenShot – Capture and either email or save Screenshots and System Status information
  3. Send Email – Send Email messages from within the application
  4. Dex.ini Settings – Change System and Debugger Dex.ini Settings for the current workstation
  5. Configuration Export/Import – Export and Import settings
  6. Administrator Password Setup* – Create optional separate password to be used when accessing Advanced mode features
  7. Logging Settings* – Change system wide Logging Settings such as shared path location, default logs and SQL Profile Trace setup
  8. Email Settings* – Change system wide Email Settings controlling the email engine used by the tool
  9. Configuration Maintenance* – Clear GP Power Tools data tables
  10. Setup Backup and Restore* – Backup all data in SQL Tables to Debuggger.xml file and restore from Debugger.xml to SQL Tables

Tools listed with an asterisk (*) is an Advanced Mode tool.

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