Hands On With the GP Power Tools: Initialising the GP Power Tools

Winthrop DCIn the last post, I installed GP Power Tools (GPPT); in this post I am going to initialise it in on one client machine (the initialisation will be global on all installations).

The initialisation process requires elevated privileges on SQL Server as the settings are stored centrally in the GP database and GPPT creates its own tables. So to complete the initialisation we need to log in as the sa account, or preferably another account which has been given eleveted privileges:

Welcome to Microsoft Dynamics GP

Once you have logged into a company, GPPT will deploy all of the database objects and create some default settings. These settings include some Security Tasks and Roles. The roles which will be created are:

  • GP POWER TOOLS USER grants access to Standard Mode features.
  • GP POWER TOOLS ADMIN grants access to all areas of GPPT.
  • GP POWER TOOLS PASSWORD grants access to maintain the GPPT System Password.
  • GP POWER TOOLS SERVICES is created only in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 and later.

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