Report Used for the Reprint Check Remittance

Microsoft Dynamics GPMicrosoft Dynamics GP 2013 saw the introduction of the ability to reprint the check remittance report. This feature was a very nice one to see, as numerous clients, if not all of them, had been asking for.

At some point after this, and I am not sure in which version, the ability to email the reprinted remittance was introduced:

Payments Payable Zoom

I made a discovery recently, when working on creating custom layouts for both the Separate Remittance and Reprint Check Remittance modified report and Word Template.

This might only have been a discovery to me and everyone else is aware of it already. But, when printing the reprint remittance using the Re-create Check Stub button on the Payables Payment Zoom window, the report printed is the Reprint Check Remittance report (as I expected):

Report Destination - Reprint Check Remittance

However, when clicking the Email button on the action pane, the report produced is the Separate Remittance:

Report Destination - Separate Remittance

This is the same report used by the Process Payables Remittance window.

So, this means that if the user will be emailing all of the remittances, and never printing one, only the Separate Remittance modified report and/or Word Template need to be amended. Everyone I have worked with is still printing some remittances, so in the short term this won’t save any effort in creating reports, but as time passes and more company accept emailed remittances, this will have a saving.

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