Customising Dynamics GP Workflow Emails: Not Just Workflow Emails

Microsoft Dynamics GPOne point I forgot to make when writing the other posts of this series, which was perhaps obvious to all, is that the formatting I have shown in this series, applies not only to the workflow emails, but also to the standard emails sent by Microsoft Dynamics GP. This would include the emails sent to vendors with a PO or remittance or to a customer with an invoice or statement.

While I haven’t gone much beyond what I have covered in this series, it should be possible to do a lot more in formatting terms to the emails. One thing I have thought of, but not tried yet, is wrapping a table around the fields at the top of the table to align them into a neat layout.

A couple of things I have tried, and which did not work, are:

  1. Adding styles to the approval links – any style I added to these links, such as padding or line-height, was ignored.
  2. Adding a div around an image and setting float: left – the image did not float in Outlook.

The final point I would make around formatting the emails, is that just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. If you do format the emails, keep it simple.