“You cannot receive against unauthorised purchase orders.”

Microsoft Dynamics GPI am working with a client at the moment on a large scale roll-out of Purchase Order Processing with a large, complex Workflow approval process. The project started towards the end of the last financial year and into the current one. While users were performing UAT, an issue suddenly arose where a goods receipt notes could not be entered in Receivings Transaction Entry (test). When the user tried, they received the following error:

You cannot receive against unauthorised purchase orders.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

You cannot receive against unauthorised purchase orders.

It took me a little thought to determine what the error might be. The client had rolled balances forward into the new year and imported the relevant budget, but had not set the budget within PO Commitments.

This is done via the PO Enhancements Setup window(Purchasing >> Setup >> Purchase Order Enhancements) and clicking the Commitment Setup button:

PO Enhancements Setup

As you can see, in the below screenshot, there is a Budget ID selected for 2016, but not for 2017 (the client operates their Fiscal Calendar on a year starting basis).

PO Commitments Setup

Adding the missing budget, allowed receivings transactions to be entered and UAT to progress.

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