Deploy SQL View to All Databases

Microsoft Dynamics GPI have a few clients who have quite a few company databases in Microsoft Dynamics GP. One of them has well over a hundred live companies. This can make deploying reports somewhat long winded when you need to deploy an SQL view to all of the databases.

Fortunately, Microsoft SQL Server has ways and means which you can use to make the process a lot easier. In this case, I am using a SQL cursor to select all of the databases from the Company Master (SY01500) and loop through them to deploy the view; the deployment is in three phases:

  • Delete any existing view with the same name (this allows for an easy redeployment).
  • Create the view.
  • Grant the SELECT permission to DYNGRP.
  • The script is posted below with a simplified PO report being created; the view name is set in the highlighted parameter near the top of the script.

    The large highlighted section is where you please the content of the view which is to be deployed.
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