Purchase Order Approval Workflow Automatically Rejected

Microsoft Dynamics GPA client reported a problem with their PO Approval Workflow process failing whenever a PO was submitted for approval. As soon as the Submit button was pressed, the document was rejected, but did not show a user:

Purchase Order Entry

Looking in Workflow History showed the assigned user on both the Submit and Reject lines was showing as SYSTEM:

Workflow History

This was not a new workflow process, it is one which has been used for over a year, so I knew there was not an inherent problem.

Due to another issue I’ve been working on recently, I had a suspicion that this was AD related. To confirm this, I opened Workflow Maintenance (Admistration &175; Setup &175; Company &175; Workflow Maintenance) and tried to add a manager:

Workflow User Selection

The return of the search on the name failed, which was what I had expected.

The problem was that Workflow was not able to sucessfully perform a lookup on Active Directory to determine the user. I relayed this information back to the client and they were able to determine that there was a problem with one of the domain controllers. Once resolved, the workflow was again working correctly.

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