Nothing Happens When Submitting A Purchase Requisition For Approval

Microsoft Dynamics GPI was onsite with a client to start a project implementing Workflow 2.0 for Purchase Requisition Approval and ran into a problem while doing training on how to interact with the workflow.

Everything had been fine until this point, but after creating a simple example approval workflow, I clicked the Submit button on the Purchase Requisition Entry window and nothing happened; I tried again through the navigation list, again without success.

I promised to figure out the issue in the next break and moved onto discussing other ways of interacting and then called the break.

It occurred to me that this might be another manifestation of an issue I have encountered previously, but without the visible error message.

I ran the script against the system database which redeploys the .NET Assemblies used by Workflow:

exec wfDeployClrAssemblies

It took a few minutes to run through, but I was then able to approve the requisition without further problem.

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