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Microsoft Dynamics GPFollowing the announcement by Microsoft back in June last year of a partnership with Jet Reports, the future of Management Reporter has been a topic of conversation amongst the community with rumours constantly swirling that Management Reporter would disappear from the Microsoft Dynamics GP space.

On the Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP team blog, Pam Misialek has posted a Management Reporter Fact Check:

  • Management Reporter is available and fully supported by Microsoft. It is still included in the Starter Pack and will continue to be.
  • Management Reporter will ship with GP Next later this calendar year and will ship in future releases as well.
  • Microsoft are looking for any feature enhancements ideas which can be added to the product.
  • HTTP support was added for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R2
  • Management Reporter will not go fully to the cloud in a multi-tenant environment. It can be used in the cloud, with a RDP connection.

Management Reporter is technically a separate product because it works across all Dynamics products. So what? Who cares? It works great at creating financial statements.

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3 thoughts on “Management Reporter Fact Check

  1. MarcK4096 says:

    Pam’s prior quote on the subject was:

    “The Management Reporter team has decided to not make major enhancements for GP and SL…Any pains you have experienced with MR will not be corrected.”

    It’s nice to see that MR is not dead. But, Pam’s fact check doesn’t exactly say that the team has had a change of heart in regards to letting it languish.

    1. Ian Grieve says:

      Pam does say Microsoft are looking for features to add which means work is still being undertaken on MR.

      I may be taking too positive a view, but that is because I really like MR and so do many of my clients. I’ve looked at Jet and have not been that impressed.


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