Changing The Cisco AnyConnect Default Host Name

Microsoft Dynamics GPWe use Cisco AnyConnect at internally at work and for a number of clients. I use the internal VPN a lot more often than connecting to the clients who also use AnyConnect.

Unfortunately, the work VPN is the one which AnyConnect does not remember. There may be a way to have AnyConnect remember more than one, but for now I’d settle for being able to change the Default Host Name.

Well, fortunately, there is a preferences.xml file which can be amended. The file can be found in the following location (replace the highlighted section with your username):

C:\Users\{username}\appdata\local\cisco\Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client

Find the following line and you can replace thie highlighted section with the address you want to have as the default:


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3 thoughts on “Changing The Cisco AnyConnect Default Host Name

  1. Daniel Barna says:

    Working solution which was easy to follow, thanks!

  2. Marina says:

    I am able to save the adjusted setting, but after a restart the old settings is back again. Is there another option to use if this one is not working?

    1. Ian Grieve says:

      I don’t think I’ve seen that before.

      Do you have Cisco running when you made the change? If so, it might be worth shutting it down and then making the change.

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