Hands On With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R2: Add Web Client Runtime

Microsoft Dynamics GPWith the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R2 it’s time for a series of “hands on” posts where I go through the installation of all of it’s components; the index for this series can be found here.

The next seven posts almost constitute a series within a series, as they all focus on the GP 2016 R2 web client. In this post, I’m going to install the Web Client Runtime.

I could have installed this when I installed the client, but opted to handle it serparately as not all clients will require this feature; only those which will be web client Session Hosts.

To add the Web Client Runtime feature to your client, open the Programs and Features control panel applet (quickest way is Win+R and typing appwiz.cpl. Select Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 in the list and click the Change button.

Programs and Features

In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 – Program Maintenance click Add/Remove Features:

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016: Program Maintenance

Scroll down and select Web Client Runtime and click Next:

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016: Select Features

Click Install to begin the installation process.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016: Install Program

When the installation is complete, click the Exit button.

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