A Diary of reIMAGINE 2016: Part 7 – MVP Count = 4

reIMAGINE2016One of the nice things about coming to one of these conferences is meeting all of the people I have been speaking to online for the last few years.

Before now, I had only met Tim Wappat, so it is good to add some more names. Especially when you consider I have never met any of my fellow MVPs.

So far today, my MVP count is at four (and should increase later this evening):

  1. John Lowther who came in for a chat while I was setting up for my pre-conference training session on Workflow 2.0
  2. Belinda Allen who was setting up for her training session in the room next door; I popped through to see her when I was finished setting up.
  3. Mariano Gomez and David Musgrave who came in together to see me during the first break in the training.

I also met Jen Kuntz (who was helping Belinda with her session) at lunchtime, which was good as I have spoken to her online multiple times.

A Diary of reIMAGINE 2016: Part 6 Pre-conference Training on Workflow 2.0

reIMAGINE2016Having arrived on my scheduled time last night, I was able to do the pre-conference training session today.

I walked around from the hotel I am staying in, to the Hilton Garden Inn where the training was taking place. When I got there I found that one person had dropped out of the course, leaving me with the total of one person.

Yup, one person. Not quite the attendance level I was hoping for, but the session still went ahead and I was able to both tailor the session to focus on the areas required, but we also had time to discuss other areas of Microsoft Dynamics GP where we’d had issues or had encountered something interesting.

Ryan did profess to having thought the day had been useful and covered the areas he was interested in, so I’ll count the day as a win.

A Diary of reIMAGINE 2016: Series Index

reIMAGINE2016A little belated, I’ve decided to add a series index for my series of posts on reIMAGINE.

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A Diary of reIMAGINE 2016: Part 5 – At The Hotel

reIMAGINE2016Well, the flight from Heathrow to Chicago was a long one and left 35 minutes late and then arrived 30 minutes late reducing my time in Chicago from 90 minutes to 60.

This is what I was worried about. However, when we disembarked from the plane there were red envelopes waiting for us. These envelopes were marvellous things; whenever an airport employee saw them, they waved you past the queues.

So in all it took only 15 minutes to get through customs. Of course I then had to collect my hold luggage (apparently you have to do this at your point of entry. This involved picking the case up from the carousel, walking to the exit, handing the receipt (collected from the automatic passport control machine) to the guy at the exit and handing the case to someone just outside the door.

I then had to go up the stairs, catch a tram from Terminal 5 to Terminal 3, go through security again (oops, had a partially drunk bottle of pop in my bag) and then find the gate.

I did reach the plane and was the last person to board with only 7 minutes to spare for take-off.

Couple hours later and ne taxi ride later I am at the hotel.

Only took a total of 22 hours from when I left home to entering the hotel.

I think I need sleep.