New GP Blog: Get Interfaced

Get InterfacedEach time we have brought someone new into the ERP Practice at Perfect Image I have challenged them to write a blog about what they learn, and what they already know. I've not had any takers until now, but Jamie Harris, who was promoted to my team from the service desk in July last year, has taken up the gauntlet.

His blog, Get Interfaced, has been live for a while now and he is managing a few posts each month. Because he works for me and does a similar role, his blog will likely cover a lot of the same areas as I do, but he will cover them in different ways because we do have different backgrounds.

I started as a software developer and moved into support and then consultancy; Jamie worked for in support and then moved into consultancy (we both did other jobs before moving into IT, but as with most people Jamie had a more diverse set of jobs than I).

New additions to the list of Dynamics GP bloggers are always welcome, especially when they're one of my team.