SQL Script To Bulk Alter Users With Logins

Microsoft SQL ServerBack in July 2013 I did a post where I looked at a problem copying live to test. The basic issue was that the Microsoft Dynamics GP user is also a login (at the SQL Server level) and a user (at the SQL Server database level) and when a database is copied from the live server to the test server (or from the current live top the new live) you can run a script to transfer across the logins, but the users come across with the database and will have different SIDs (Security IDs).

You can use the ALTER USER command in SQL to re-link the login with the user, but this is one statement per user per database. The old post showed how to do this, but this quickly becomes a pain when there are more than a handful of users.

As Perfect Image has grown we have clients with more and more users and/or company databases. Our largest client has over 250 users in their Dynamics GP installation while another has fewer users, but well over 100 companies. Both of these can make copying live to test problematic, especially when only a company database might be copied over rather than the whole system.

I needed to automate the process of altering the login to match the user; the below script is the result of this need. Continue reading “SQL Script To Bulk Alter Users With Logins”