Customization Maintenance: “Unable to open customizations dictionary”

Microsoft Dynamics GPI ‘ve been involved in quite a few upgrades recently and have had a few issues arise. One of them was on one site after I had installed Microsoft Dynamics GP, the web client and web services and also Management Reporter.

I did some work to upgrade the customised forms and reports and then imported them through Customisation Maintenance (Microsoft Dynamics GP menu » Tools » Customisation » Customisation Maintenance). Or at least I tried to as I got an error with the SOP_Entry form:


I double checked that the GP client on the SQL Server was not running (it wasn’t) and tried the import again and got the same error.

I attempted to open the file manually and got an error that it was open in Microsoft Dynamics GP:

File In Use

I did some exploring and found the answer in Task Manager:

Task Manager

While the desktop client wasn’t running the on the SQL Server and I’d closed it on the Citrix Server, there was a couple of processes for the web client showing in the list of current processes. I’d missed these when initially looking in task Manager as they were not showing with the desktop client under Apps, but instead under Background processes.

After making sure no-one was logged in, I ended the tasks and was then able to start Dynamics GP and import all of the customisations.

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