SQL View On Vendor EFT

Microsoft Dynamics GPI’ve created a number of small views to report on vendor related information (such as email remittance and email addresses) and have recently followed up with another script which returns bank details for vendors:

CREATE VIEW uv_AZRCRV_VendorAddressElectronicTransferMaster AS

	['Address Electronic Transfer Master'].VENDORID AS 'Vendor ID'
	,['Address Electronic Transfer Master'].ADRSCODE AS 'Address Code'
	,['Address Electronic Transfer Master'].BANKNAME AS 'Bank Name'
	,['Address Electronic Transfer Master'].EFTBankCode AS 'Bank Sort Code'
	,['Address Electronic Transfer Master'].EFTBankAcct AS 'Bank Account'
	SY06000 AS ['Address Electronic Transfer Master']
	['Address Electronic Transfer Master'].SERIES = 4

GRANT SELECT ON uv_AZRCRV_VendorAddressElectronicTransferMaster TO DYNGRP

This script returns the fields I was interested in for a client, but could easily be extended to include additional fields from the EFT table.