Security Views For Use In SmartList Designer: Populating Security Resource Descriptions

Microsoft Dynamics GPIn this post I’m taking a slight diversion and not posting a SQL view. The reason is that the next view I will be posting requires that the security resource descriptions be available which, by default, they’re not. However, they can be made available, which is what I will be covering in this post.

SY09400 is the Security Resource Descriptions table which is, by default, empty as the names are stored within the Microsoft Dynamics GP client itself. However, this table can be populated, perhaps somewhat counter-intuitively, by using the Clear Data window (Microsoft Dynamics GP menu » Maintenance » Clear Data).

To populate the table, open Clear Data, click on Display and then select Physical:

Clear Data

Change the Series to System, scroll down and select Security Resource Descriptions, click Insert » and then click the OK button:

Clear Data

A confirmation dialogue will be displayed, click on Yes to proceed:

Microsoft Dynamics GP: Are you sure you want to clear data from these tables?

On the Report Destination window choose where to send the report; click OK to output the report or Cancel to not produce a report:

It’s important to remember that clicking Cancel at this stage will only cancel the report and not the clearing of the data.

For the SY09400 table, running clear data against it will actually cause the table to be populated.

Update: Correct a couple of errors as pointed out in the comments

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8 thoughts on “Security Views For Use In SmartList Designer: Populating Security Resource Descriptions

  1. Jorge says:

    I think you meant “…select Security Resource Descriptions, click Insert…” instead of “…select Security Resource Descriptions, click All…” and “For the SY09400 table…” instead of “For the SY09600 table…”

    1. Ian Grieve says:

      Yes, I very much did mean Insert and not All!

      I have updated both errors in the post; thanks for pointing them out.


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