Majority Of Missing Posts Restored

azurecurveFollowing my moment of recklessness the other night, I have been able to find a much more recent backup file which has now been restored. All posts up to the start of May are back, and I have kept the ones I entered in May.

I will still be working to restore the missing posts I have entered in May; at this point I am down only six posts which I will try to get back. The SQL Installation ones I may need to rewrite, but I still have the screenshots so that shouldn’t be too difficult.

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3 thoughts on “Majority Of Missing Posts Restored

  1. Arthur says:

    check the cached copy of your site on google for the rest 🙂

    1. Ian Grieve says:


      Thank you very much for that suggestion. It hadn’t occurred to me, but is going to save me a fair bit of time.


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