Install SQL Server 2014: SSRS Installation

Microsoft SQL ServerIn this small series of posts I’m going to take a step through the installation of SQL Server 2014 and SSRS (the series index can be found at the bottom of each post).

In the previous post I covered the installation of SQL Server itself; in this post I’m going to cover the installation of SSRS. While it is possible to have SSRS installed and configured automatically when SQL Server is installed, but I have experienced problems with SSRS when doing this so I usually install it separately. You would also do a separate installation of SSRS if you had a reporting server where you were doing an install of SSRS.

To install SSRS launch the setup.exe on the installation media, click on Installation in the navigation pane and then click on New SQL Server stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation:

SQL Server Installation Center

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