Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 Very Slow Login

Microsoft Dynamics GPI recently assisted a client with upgrading Microsoft Dynamics GP to 2013 R2; after the upgrade was complete we found that logging in was incredibly slow. It would take over two minutes to log in or change company.

We did a few things such as checking that all external shortcuts were valid, checking on the Quick Links and ensuring SSRS was functioning correctly (including removing Business Anlayzer from the homepage) without effect. After spending a little time investigating I remembered a blog post from the Dynamics GP Support and Services Blog where they discussed this as being a known problem with Dynamics GP 2013 R2.

The problem is caused by the navigation lists being duplicated during the upgrade. The areas you’ll see this is in the following:

  1. Under the Purchasing area page:
    • Purchasing Requisition Transactions
    • Purchase Order Transactions
  2. Under the HR & Payroll area page:
    • Historical Timecards
    • Current Timecards

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