MS Connect Suggestion Sunday: Fix Print Icon In Print Payables Checks

Microsoft Dynamics GPMark Polino posted a suggestion to the MS Connect site asking for the print icons on Print Cheques (or Print Checks for our American readers). The details of the suggestion are:

When you select a batch of checks to print in the Print Payables Checks window GP 2013 R2 shows 2 icons labeled “Print” in the center of the Action Pane. The left icon has a printer with a document behind it that resembles a report. The right icon displays a plain printer. It’s very confusing to users to decided which icon to pick to print checks.

The left most icon, the one with an apparent report behind it actually prints checks. The right icon, the one with a plain printer, prints reports. This is not intuitive at all. Neither the icon nor the label indicate which print icon does which. Since the primary function of this window is to print checks it needs to be very obvious to users what to do.

Please clarify both the icon and label to make this easier to use.

This suggestion can be found here; please take a look and add your vote.