SQL View To Select User, Company and Security Role Assignment

Microsoft Dynamics GPWe had a user recently who wanted to quickly see which users had access to which companies and the Security Roles which had been granted. While Dynamics GP does have a number of security reports, they are the standard ones which, while readable in the usual screen or printer output, cannot easily be exported to Excel. However, the client is on Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 and therefore has access to SmartList Designer.

While I could have done this entirely as a SmartList Designer report, I already had the majority of the SQL needed to generate this as a SQL View which SmartList Designer can access:

CREATE VIEW uv_PI_UserAccessAndGrantedSecurityRoles AS
	['User Master'].USERID AS 'User ID'
	,['User Master'].USERNAME AS 'Username'
	,['User Master'].USRCLASS AS 'User Class'
	,ISNULL(['Class Master'].DSCRIPTN, '') AS 'User Class Description'
	,ISNULL(['Company Master'].INTERID, '') AS 'Intercompany ID'
	,ISNULL(['Company Master'].CMPNYNAM, '') AS 'Company Name'
	,ISNULL(['Security Assignment User Role'].SECURITYROLEID, '') AS 'Security Role ID'
	,ISNULL(['Security Roles Master'].SECURITYROLENAME, '') AS 'Security Role Name'
	SY01400 AS ['User Master']
	SY40400 AS ['Class Master']
		ON ['Class Master'].USRCLASS = ['User Master'].USRCLASS
	SY60100 AS ['User-Company Access']
		ON ['User-Company Access'].USERID = ['User Master'].USERID
	SY10500 AS ['Security Assignment User Role']
		ON ['Security Assignment User Role'].CMPANYID = ['User-Company Access'].CMPANYID
			AND ['Security Assignment User Role'].USERID = ['User-Company Access'].USERID
	SY09100 AS ['Security Roles Master']
		ON ['Security Roles Master'].SECURITYROLEID = ['Security Assignment User Role'].SECURITYROLEID
	SY01500 AS ['Company Master']
		ON ['Company Master'].CMPANYID = ['User-Company Access'].CMPANYID

Of course, the other reason I used the SQL rather than recreating entirely in SmartList Designer is that I can use this SQL in future, but a SmartList Designer is only usable on the system on which it is created as there is no import/export functionality.

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4 thoughts on “SQL View To Select User, Company and Security Role Assignment

  1. Hi Ian

    You could always use the Support Debugging Tool’s Security Information window to provide all this information and much more.


    1. Ian Grieve says:

      Hi David,

      I think I need to learn more about SDT. I know some of the basics, but have never sat down and had a proper explore of its functionality (lack of time mainly).


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