Windows 10 Technical Preview: Start Menu Customisation

WindowsAs I covered in this post the Start menu is being reintroduced in Windows 10 and will include a side panel containing the live tiles previously used on the Start screen.

The image below shows the default layout of the Start menu when Windows is first installed:

Windows Start Menu

To add a new tile to the Start menu, search for the item you want to add:

Search for Twitter

The right click on the item and select in to Start:

Pin to Start

The newly added tile will be added to the end of the existing live tiles:

Start menu

To move the live tile, simply left click and drag to the new location.

By right clicking on the tile, you’ll be given access to a context menu allowing the tile to be resized, removed or having gthe live aspect turned off. Further the pinned application can also be pinned to the taskbar or uninstalled:

Start menu

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