Error 800AC351 While Saving Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GPI was working onsite with a client during an upgrade of Microsoft Dynamics GP from version 10 to 2013 recently, and after doing some work on a client we started receiving an error when trying to log out..

The error we received was the following:

Microsoft Dynamics GP - Unknown error 0 - 800AC351 occurred saving the project fileMicrosoft Dynamics GP – Unknown error 0 – 800AC351 occurred saving the project file

After a little testing to see if we could easily determine the problem, I did a quick online search and came up with this post from Vaidy Mohan which was the same error, but for a different VBA project.

The steps I tried and found to be successful were slightly shorter and easier than those Vaidy needed:

  1. Launch GP and open the Visual Basic Editor
  2. Opened modified report in the Microsoft Dynamics GP VBA project
  3. Added and removed a space from the end of one line
  4. Compiled the entire project to check for errors
  5. Save VBA project
  6. Log off from GP

To verify the problem was resolved we closed and reopened Dynamics GP and didn’t see the error when closing it again.

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