Windows 10 Technical Preview: Win+Tab and Virtual Desktops

WindowsThe Win+Tab key combination was introduced in Windows Vista and appears to have been removed in Windows 8, but is back in Windows 10.

The initial display is very like Alt+Tab which allows task switching, but also has an Add a desktop option:


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MDGP 2015 Feature of the Day: Employee Profile, Skills & Training

Microsoft Dynamics GPThe Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP blog has started a series of posts on the new features of, the soon to be released, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015. As I have done for the last two releases, I intend to shadow these posts and add my own opinions on these new feature; the series index is here.

The thirteenth Feature of the Day is Employee Profile, Skills & Training.

In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 as part of the Employee Self Service functionality managers can see and/or edit their team members data including Address/Phone Number, Dependants, Emergency Contacts and Position History in the new Employee Profile window.

The Employee Skills & Training window also allows managers to view and edit the Education and Tests for their team members. Managers can also view the Skills and Training for each employee.

Manager submitted tasks will still flow through workflow for approval or notification.

Employee Skills & Training

The roles targeted by this feature are:

  • HR and Payroll Team Managers

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