Deactivate All Reports (Except PM EFT Payment Register) In All Companies

Microsoft Dynamics GPMicrosoft Dynamics GP includes a large number of reports which will automatically print off when a transaction or batch is posted; and some postings produce many different reports.

When I implement a new client I typically leave them on during training with an instruction to identify which ones they want to use after go-live as I will switch off any I’m not told to leave on.

I used to do it the other way and tell people to let me know which ones they wanted switched off; however, this lead to all reports being left on and then it being mentioned a year or so down the line that they get all these reports printing that they don’t want.

So now, all get switched off unless I am specifically told to leave them on. As I’ve dealt with clients with many companies (I think the largest is 180 companies) this is not something I want to do manually.

Fortunately, the settings for whether the reports should print is stored in SQL table which means a SQL script can be written to switch them off in bulk.

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