Management Reporter Login Error

Microsoft Dynamics GPI thought I had posted this a while ago, but searching my blog I can’t find it. A client contacted me recently to report the following error message:

Management Reporter - CanManagement Reporter – Can’t connect to the Management Reporter server. Do you want to specify a different server address?

My first step was to try running Management Reporter myself and was able to log in without a problem’; this was on the same Citrix server the client had been trying to log into which ruled it out as being a problem with the Management Reporter services.

The client in question was a member of their internal IT department and had his own Domain account and access to a global Domain administrator account. It was his own Domain account which he had logged into the server with, but this user was not in Management Reporter; it had been configured using the global Domain Admin account to minimise the number of licenses assigned to IT (the client is running Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010).

Once he logged in with the global Domain Admin account he was able to access Management Reporter without any further issues.