Business Analyzer R5 Now Available From Windows 8 App Store

Microsoft Dynamics GPAs of the weekend just gone, a new version of Business Analyzer is available for Microsoft Dynanamics GP from the Windows 8 App Store.

There are several new features that were added to Business Analyzer, plus more are planed to be added in the first half of 2014. This app will become a hub for people who are either casual users of Dynamics GP or don’t even have access to the desktop or web client.

A few of the highlights in Business Analyzer are:

  • HTLM 4/Java Script
  • Azure Service Bus Support
  • New Roles Available
  • New Landing Page defined by each user
  • Ability to have Chart and KPI’s
  • Management Reporter Financial Statements

This is an example of the new landing page:

Business Analyzer R5 Landing Page

An example Homepage, structured for a CFO, showing carts and KPIs is shown below:

Business Analyzer R5 CFO Homepage

The above screenshot is so long as it is a screenshot of the whole Business Analyzer dashboard, but when using it only part is displayed at a time as you scroll horizontally.

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