Management Reporter Not Remembering The Default Company

Microsoft Dynamics GPI am definitely in a Management Reporter zone at the moment. A recent issue I've dealt with was where Management Reporter was not remembering the Default Company, so each time a user opened Management Reporter they had to reset it before they could use Management Reporter Report Designer.

A little checking round and this turned out to be a problem with the configuration of Citrix XenApp which is clearing down the user profiles each time the user logged off.

Management Reporter stores the users default company in a configuration file located in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Management Reporter\ and this data was being cleared down each time they logged off Citrix. What keyed me into this being the problem was when I got a user to close Management Reporter and reopen it without logging off Citrix and they did not then need to select the default company; they only needed to do this after logging all of the way out.

The solution to the problem is to change the configuration of Citrix so that the configuration file is not deleted when the user logs off. Once this is done, the Default Company will be remembered.

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2 thoughts on “Management Reporter Not Remembering The Default Company

  1. Marc K says:

    “…change the configuration of Citrix so that the configuration file is not deleted when the user logs off” is not the solution. The solution is for Microsoft to update Management Reporter to not store settings like this in LocalAppData. (

    Storing settings like this in LocalAppData means they won’t roam with the profile and this will cause problems when load balancing between different machines is in place. LocalAppData was meant for things like caches, not user settings. Please upvote the referenced connect entry.

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