How to Install SharePoint 2010 – The Prerequisites

SharePointI was having a fiddle around a while ago, after I built my new home server, with SharePoint and thought I’d post a short series of posts up to remind myself of how to do the install again.

I don’t typically work with SharePoint as that is in the purview of other consultants at work, but I do need to interact with it for items such as Business Portal. Which is why I decided to have a go at installing it. Before anyone says, I know there is a new version of SharePoint now, but this is the version I had available to me when I did the install and I’m about to move house so don’t have everything setup at home to do a SharePoint 2013 install.

If you do follow these posts and install SharePoint, please don’t do so on a live system. Only use the resulting SharePoint for GP/other demos.

First step, is to install the prerequisites (very easy if you have an Internet connection):

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010

The Welcome window will display a list of required products which will be checked for and installed, assuming a valid Internet connection, where necessary so click Next to proceed:

Welcome to the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products Preparation Tool

Accept the License Terms by clicking Next;

Once all required products have been either installed or confirmed as already installed a list of actions will be displayed:

Installation Complete

With the SharePoint prerequisites installed, it is time to move onto installing SharePoint itself.

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