How To Configure SharePoint 2010

SharePointIn the last couple of posts I have taken a look at installing the SharePoint prerequisites and SharePoint itself and in this one I’ll be taking a look at configuring the new SharePoint installation.

I do need to give the warning I gave in the last post; I am not a SharePoint consultant, so please do not follow these posts to install SharePoint as a live system. I was installing it just to see if I could install it, if it would work and, ultimately, so I could install Business Portal for a demo.

This post picks up where the previous ended with the Configuration Wizard being launched. To proceed, click through the Configuration Wizard, click Next:

Welcome to SharePoint Products

You’ll be warned that a few services may need to be restarted (IIS among them). If this won’t present a problem, click Yes to proceed:

SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard

In this series of posts I am installing a new SharePoint instance so selected Create a new server farm:

Connect to a server farm

The settings for the Configuration Database need to be specified. Enter the database server (and instance if not using the default) and database name (or accept the default of SharePoint_Config). You also need to specify the database access account; as a matter of principle I would always recommend a Domain user account be used:

Specify Configuration Database Settings

Enter and confirm the passphrase which will be used to secure the SharePoint farm:

Specify Farm Security Settings

The SharePoint Central Administration Web Application needs to be configured by specifying a port number (or accept the default) and selecting the authentication provider (I’ve chosen to use the default NTLM provider):

Configure SharePoint Central Administration Web Application

Confirm the entered settings are correct and click Next to proceed:

Completing the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard

Once the settings have been applied this will be confirmed:

Configuration Successful

The final step of the configuration is to close the wizard and launch the SharePoint Central Administration website which I’ll cover in the next post.

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