Management Reporter Column Layouts For Previous Years

Microsoft Dynamics GPA client in the process of migrating from FRx to Management Reporter 2012 recently asked how to configure the Column Definition in Management Reporter so they could get the same information as they did from FRx.

When I looked into it I found that the Column Layout in FRx was not set up in a way that the Migration Wizard will translate across correctly, as the FRx Column Layout hasn't been configured in the recommended way.

The Column Layout was configured with columns for previous years as shown below with a Period Code of 1 To 13 and a Current Per/YTD of YTD;

FRx Column Layout For Previous Year

This does work okay in FRx but should really have had the Current Per/YTD set to YTD and only 13 in the Period Code row. This will bring through the YTD balance for the entire year; if only the net change was needed then setting the Current Per/YTD to CUR and entering 1:13 in the Period Code row would give these numbers.

For this particular client, we set the Period to 13 and left the Periods Covered as YTD;

FRx Column Layout For Previous Year

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