Management Reporter 2012 Process Service Not Running

Microsoft Dynamics GPI was out on site a short time ago implementing Management Reporter 2012 for a client and ran into a problem with Management Reporter. I could log into Management Reporter, create reports and everything was fine; but I could not generate a report.

When I was investigating the problem I opened the Configuration Console and found that the Management Reporter 2012 Process Service was not running;

Management Reporter 2012 Configuration Console

When I tried to start it, I got an error message stating the operation could not be completed;

Management Reporter - The operation could not be completed because doing so would create a bad reference.Management Reporter - The operation could not be completed because doing so would create a bad reference.

I did some of the usual investigation, stopping and starting services, resetting passwords and so on to no effect. As it was a brand new implementation of Management Reporter with no reports in it, I decided not to spend any longer investigating and trying to diagnose the cause of the problem.

Instead I took the option of taking off and nuking it from orbit (guess which movie I've watched recently); I uninstalled and reinstalled Management Reporter. After completing the reinstall I checked the services and both were running fine.

I don't know what the cause of the initial problem was so if anyone has seen and resolved this problem without a re-install, I'd appreciate it if you could let me know what you found.

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4 thoughts on “Management Reporter 2012 Process Service Not Running

  1. I have same problem please check..
    1-Fire wall.
    2-Run this service as Admin from Control Panel or Mgmt Rptr.
    3-Re install work will fix same settings

    1. Ian Grieve says:

      Hi Aqeel,

      In my case the firewall was off and nothing I tried would get the service to start.

      Only the reinstall worked but seems overkill.


  2. Sunday Otaiku says:

    How DO I REINSTALL Management reporter?

    1. Ian Grieve says:

      Exactly what are you wanting to reinstall? If the server components have been uninstalled they can be reinstalled from te installation media and connected to the existing ManagementReporter database.

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