Microsoft Dynamics GP Techniques Online Learning Course Has Been Released

Microsoft Dynamics GPIn May last year, I started work with Packt Publishing on a Microsoft Dynamics GP online learning course called Microsoft Dynamics GP Techniques; this is a set of videos each demonstrating a different aspect of Dynamics GP;

Microsoft Dynamics GP Techniques

Online learning courses are a new feature for Packt Publishing so there has been a bit more of a delay than I expected when I undertook the project but I am delighted to see it’s release.

This particular course, Microsoft Dynamics GP Techniques, aims to provide a carefully organized sequences of instructions as they’re performed in an easy to follow step-by-step video guide. The course is broken down into three to five minute clear, concise, self contained videos each of which covers a technique, tip or feature.

In fact, it’s a bit like the Microsoft Dynamics GP Cookbook in video format.

Being a video course, I didn’t have a place to add acknowledgements, so I’d like to do it here.

Thanks to all the people at Packt Publishing involved with the project (and apologies if I’ve missed anyone); Kartikey P, Sai G, Shradda V and Aaron R.

I definitely owe thanks to the Technical Reviewers for their invaluable feedback on the course while it was bring produced; Constance Quigley of Q Factor Consulting, LLC and Microsoft Dynamics GP MVP Jivtesh Singh.

The course is currently is beta so you can get it for a reduced price if you move quick; currently it can be downloaded with streaming coming in the near future.

You can get it here

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