New Mobile Theme Added To azurecurve

azurecurveI’ve just added a mobile theme to the site which will display the first time you visit the site on a smart phone; if you want the normal desktop theme then you can scroll right down to the bottom of the page and disable it.

If you notice any problems with the theme let me know and I’ll see about fixing it (I won’t see the problem myself as I don’t have a smart phone so if you see an issue please let me know).

Changing FRx Menu Option To Open Management Reporter

Microsoft Dynamics GPIn this post I discussed renaming the FRx menu option in Microsoft Dynamics GP to show the name Management Reporter. One thing I didn’t cover, and which Susan Conrod reminded me of in the comments, is how to change the menu option so that it does actually open Management Reporter.

If you have not previously used the FRx mneu option on a client, then clicking the, FRx, or Management Reporter as it will be after you have renamed it, menu option in Microsoft Dynamics GP (Reports » Financial » Management Reporter (or FRx)) you will be presented with this window where you can select the application to be started;

FRx Setup

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